Amateur Radio Technician Class, April 20, 2024

Date: 4/20/24 (8am-4pm)
Location Fire Station #16 – 250 E. Hidden Creek Pkwy, Burleson, TX 76028

Great training opportunity for anyone wanting to become a amateur radio operator.

MJARS is partnering with JCARC to host a one day technician class in Burleson.

Students will need to obtain their FCC Registration Number (FRN) PRIOR to attending the technician class.

Visit this link for instructions on how to obtain your FRN:…/universa…/getting-fcc-registration

Testing for the technician license will be conducted online. Students should bring thier own tablet or laptop to test on.

Paper tests can be made available with advanced notice.

Students are encouraged to download and pre-study this free PDF:…/2022-no-nonsense-tech-study

The charge for the class is $14, payable to the instructor and that needs to be cash or check. The $35 ham radio application fee needs to be paid to the FCC by debit card, specifically.

For questions please contact: