Club Officers

Tim Irish, W5WK



I have been a licensed ham for 25 years. I enjoy public service and ham radio has provided many ways for me to give back to our community.

William Rantala, KG5JIV

Vice President


I have been a Ham for six years and enjoy helping out with projects and giving back to the community.  Portable operating is a way I enjoy spending time outside while practicing this fun hobby with my friends and family. 

Picture of Destiny smiling in front of a small river bed.

Destiny Beucler, KG5MRD

Club Secretary


I am a 3rd generation Ham. I’ve always enjoyed serving my community, and this is a great way to do so.

Mark McCurley, KE4LPD

Sergeant at Arms


I have been a Ham for over 25 years. I enjoy participating in community service, helping new hams, and spending time on the radio.
73’s and hope to hear you on the air!

Matt Platts, W5LTZ



I’m a relatively new Ham having passed the technician test in 2019 and then upgraded to general in 2021. I enjoy the technical aspects of the hobby as well as public service, especially helping out as a SAG driver for many of the area bike rallies.